All interviews will be posted to our youtube page with over 1k subscribers with publicity purposes to our audience and will consist of:


  • On-Camera Interview with 45 Minute Set
  • 1 Minute Promo Video
  • Interviewee or First Person  
  • 2 to 7 Minute Final Interview
  • Audio & Lighting Equipment Kit
  • 1 Social Media Promotional Post


This interview will not only provide information 'About Yourself' to our audience but inform your audience of upcoming music, new accolades, hidden gems, etc. 



​In ANY considertaion by staff, no cancellation policy is available for any services under $1999.99 

If the client(s) should have to cancel a booking the following cancellation fees ($499) will become due immediately upon said cancellation determined level of situation by staff of Vision 4 Productions.

The client(s) are hereby advised to take out an appropriate insurance policy to cover any expenses incurred in the event of cancellation.

No Cancellation/Return Policy available on services under $749.99
Full terms & condition of services available on Consistently tab