MUSIC VIDEO REVIEW: Jo Spacely - Motorcade

Updated: Mar 2, 2019

Hillside Rapper Jo Spacely releases debut single "Motorcade" official music video in mid February. Yet seem to have a way with social media with over 14k views and counting! The video isn’t only fitting to the song, it’s pretty entertaining & eye-catching from the start to finish. Talk about running up the views in 2 weeks, Jo is bringing the heat with this visual concept! Now sit in front of this screen!

Check it out here:

Video Credits: @Cylent_

Producer Credits: @Atm_at.the.moment @Chiveerbeats (Co-Produced by Jo Spacely)

VISUAL CONCEPT // 5***** Stars

The concept of the visual was thoroughly laid out detail for detail and you can tell. The mix of visual concept to black and white photography speaks volumes to bring an ideal picture of the still images to life through your creative eye. When working with multiple people on set and getting everyone on the same page can be challenging and JO SPACELY made that look like a cake walk in his well planned visual.

QUALITY // 5***** Stars

The quality of the visual is a plus because as a music listener I hear what you are telling me but now I can see it first hand in high quality demand. You can see everything from the heart on Jo's shirt to the low-lights from the city of Detroit. The Creative Director was tapped in with Jo's vision and made sure that was brought to life from camera shake, stabilizing where its required, light leaks and emphasizing on detail.


The sound quality of "Motorcade" has music hands written all over it. Credit to the artist for actually saying your words but the producer/engineer aligned everything to be as crispy as possible. It didn't go unnoticed! The additional city/call sound effects were a plus for the message getting across the the audience. THIS BEAT IS HARRRRRD!

LYRICS & FLOW // 5**** Stars

The lyrics & flow of "Motorcade" surprised me just a bit, transitioning from one voice to another. It wasn't a bad transition AT ALL but I would love to continuously hear a change in voice throughout every song created here out. WHY? I think its Jo's niche - WHY? because he sounds comfortable with being able to change his voice while being himself. He doesn't sound like anyone else, let alone any Detroit artist and thats most important. It almost makes you think multiple people are on the track when its just Jo!

OVERALL FEEDBACK // 25 of 25 Stars

The intense looks throughout from Jo Spacely makes you feel every word spoken in each verse/hook. The look from the start of the video is almost like a warning shot that you are in for a rude awakening when Jo opens his mouth to lace you with "Motorcade"

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