Jet Finley x Dance Ep 00 | #WhatsYourVision?

Updated: Jul 12, 2018

Jet Finley


Jet Finley is no stranger to the dance world! Jet started expressing himself through arts at the age of 10 years old, where his teacher noticed he had the potential to become a dancer.

The Houston native currently teaches choreography classes each Friday at Planet Funk. Be sure to "SIGN UP" to secure your spot accordingly!

The creative loves to dance and sing, HONESTLY, anything to do with creating is Jet Finley! When it comes to dance some of his influences are #ChrisBrown, #LesTwins, #Usher & of course #Houston own #Beyonce! Jet understands his calling and jumped into it at full force and wants to continue to be a major voice for the people! We had the opportunity to take a day in the life of Jet Finley and experience his vision first hand!

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Growing up Jet was not apart of a wealthy family, however he was able to accept those facts and build his character accordingly! Following graduating from his performing arts high school, life hit! But his dance teacher didnt allow life to hit too hard!

Also, Influencing Jet throughout his dance process at Darlett Johnson-Bailey School of Dance in Houston, Texas to keep going!! Jet has since assisted numerous music artists' with show development, private dance lessons, image consulting & more - talk about a Jack of ALL Trades!

You dreams can become reality!! How bad do you want it?

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We seriously appreciate your feedback, it truly matters what you feel! #WhatsYourVision?


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