DANIEL CAESAR: Breaking the Internet

(Houston, Tx) - Two Time GRAMMY-Award Nominated R&B Star Daniel Caesar did more than Break the Internet with his amazing performance at Revention Music Center (RMC) presented by Radio Now 92.1 and 97.9 The Box.

Photo by: Sherita Stanley, V4P

As the R&B star continues to elevate throughout the entertainment industry, the crowd intrigued by all the smoke and lights circling the venue.

Photo by: Sherita Stanley, V4P

(CHEERS) Daniel! Daniel! Daniel!

Moments following two-guitarist entered the excitement on stage as the crowd continued to scream for Daniel, cell phone lights started appearing, and then it happens - the band begins to play!!

The crowd didnt let up - still screaming DANIEL until he took his first step onto the stage. Amazing vibes over took RMC as Daniel Caesar performs hit songs from debut LP Freudian.

Photos by: Sherita Stanley, V4P

The vibes and experience of attending a Daniel Caesar show are magnificent - YOU DON'T WANT TO MISS IT! You are bound to become a fan if you are not already! The show was nothing like putting the tracks on in the car and thats what we enjoyed most!

Photo by: Sherita Stanley

It was LIVE and LOUD!! So let us get back to singing more of #DanielCaesar songs as if we are still reliving the moment because it was amazing!!

Thank You for that experience and more, Daniel!


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