10 Songwriter Jobs

Songwriters are important and hold a special place in our culture, since forever! But being a songwriter can be a more feasible career choice in the long run. Talk about Royalties!

Here’s a look at some of the different types of job opportunities that are available to songwriters below:

(Pictured: Artist/Songwriter Gizzle x Sherita)

1. Performing songwriter

This is someone who writes and performs their own music. Although it’s one of the easiest ways to start playing music, it can be difficult to monetize.

You need to create enough buzz where people/fans are willing to spend money on you and your music. Build an audience/following that is excited just as much as you are about creating your music. This is easier said than done, but get to work!

Having active social media accounts such as #Instagram, #Facebook, and #Twitter are a good start. Yet, don't stop there! Have your people sign up for a mailing list at your shows, etc. in order to obtain an active mailing list of supporters.

2. Songwriter in a band

This is very similar to being a performing songwriter, except you’re working within a band. In addition to working out creative #roles in the band, you’ll need to work out how you’re splitting up the publishing credits and royalties (Learn more by sending us an email via info@vision4productions.com for more detailed information regarding publishing etc.).

3. Songwriter for other artists "Ghost Writer"

This is a more reliable way of making money as a songwriter, because often you’re working with an artist who already has an audience.


4. Freelance songwriter/work-for-hire contracts

This is very similar to being a basic songwriter, but you’re often working on a one-off basis. In this case, instead of being paid in publishing and #royalties, you’ll get #paid an hourly rate or a flat fee.

5. Staff writer

A staff-writer is neither an employee nor a staff member of a #publishing company, but a songwriter who has entered into a legal agreement to publish all of his or her songs #exclusively with one music publisher. This can help you gain #financial stability, but you also potentially lose some freedom with these types of #agreements.

6. Lyricist

This is similar to being a songwriter, except you’re working exclusively on #lyrics. This is a great fit for someone who was really into writing #poetry, but needed help putting those words to music.

7. Composer for film/TV

To be a composer, you’ll need a fairly solid knowledge of music theory and composition. Composing for film and #television involves weaving emotion into the #narrative, and that can be difficult to do well.

8. Jingle writer

Do you think you can write a catchy, memorable song that’s only 12 seconds long? #Jingle writers need to be adept at using #melody in short catchy spurts. You’ll need to work closely with the #creative team behind the ad #campaign to write something that creates instant, memorable awareness around a product or brand.

9. Children’s songwriter

Children’s #songwriters can have a much more steady income because they’re often playing in front of large groups of potential clients who will hire them to play #birthday parties, holiday events, etc.

10. Musical writer

If you’re already inclined to work in theater, working as the musical #director and #composer for a #musical or opera can be very rewarding. You’ll need to have good interpersonal skills, because you’ll be working consistently with the director and other creatives to bring the musical to fruition.

Despite what your parents might say, being a songwriter can be a viable career. Some songwriting #jobs have a high barrier to entry, such as being a composer for movies, and some aren’t what everyone #pictures, like being jingle writer or a #children’s performer. But thousands of people make money by writing and #sharing their music with the world every day.

So don't get left out by letting your notebook lay on your desk to collect dust! Find artist to write for, create an artist by writing fro them, and of course create dope shit in the process of it all!

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